A tlhIngan, a Troubador, a Barrister, an Etymologist, an AB, and the Holy See all sit down for a potable…

Word Fun: Issue No. 4

Match the words below with their appropriate sentence:

1. Gammon Lashing

2. Inchoate Dower

3. Legatus A Latere

4. Doghjey

5. Gergito-Solymian

6. Bouffons


1. The lawyer argued that his client’s _________ could not be alienated or reached by creditors.

2. The HoD  of the Duj demanded _________ from the jagh. 

3. The professor determined that, indeed,  the gloss was of  ____________ origin. 

4. The bo’sun surveyed the ____________ and demanded it be redone and performed properly.

5. The pope was to send his envoy __________ so as to afford the mission the delicacy it required.

6. The men performed the ____________ to the amusement of the crowd.



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