Word of the Week: MAKIBAKA!

Kumusta, mga kaibigan!

[Laban hand gesture]

I’ve been interested in Tagalog/Filipino for a while and I wanted to find a rousing political slogan in the language.  A guy came into my line at work and he mentioned that he was a professor in the Philipines.  Frank was his name.  I asked him, “So does that mean you speak Tagalog (or Filipino)?” to which he answered in the affirmative.  I then asked him for some good political phrases for “Let’s go!” or “Let’s do it!” using raised-fist gestures to convey the sentiment.

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Ble mae’r Gymraeg?

Just a little follow up on the previous post regarding Welsh language activist Osian Jones.  The campaign to achieve a New Welsh Language Act and make Wales officially bi-lingual is on-going and remains strong.

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Dialect Empire Announces New Acquisitions

After months of behind-the-scenes arm twisting and agonizing negotiation, a series of decisive moves made on the part of The Dialect has brought nearly a dozen new acquisitions under their sole proprietorship.  Nervous insiders describe the transferred materials as “a frightening  arsenal of linguistic technology.”  While official statements from the now-infamous online language website blog dismiss these moves as ‘utilitarian’ and ‘inconsequential’, there is reason to believe that unilateral domination of the language world remains the covert objective.

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4.5.10 Dialect Crimethink Doubleplus Dangerful




I just got finished re-reading one of my most formative books, George Orwell’s 1984.  I wanted to go back and re-read it after having started The Dialect in order to discuss ‘Newspeak.’  In this classic dystopian novel, Orwell invents ‘Newspeak’, a regressive language introduced by the Party to prevent resistance by restricting thought. 

1984’s social vision and historical prediction resonates with those who distrust government and fear a future of repression.  Sadly, though, its easy to find 1984 fans upon whom Orwell’s powerful message is utterly lost.  

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