Dialect forced into Exile

Dear Loyal Dialect Readers,

This note was smuggled into the country and is reprinted here at great potential risk.  From information that we have gathered, the note was written clandestinely and while in custody of the authorities.  It is clear that the writer did not have access to Spellcheck or a thesaurus and from this we infer that the writer was in grave danger.  By a turn of fortune, we do have confirmation that the writer has been spirited to relative safety and is now being habored by local Dialect online blog followers near the beach on an undisclosed, inexpensive, semi-tropical island.  

Be well and stay informed,

Dialect Support Committee



Don’t be scared.  Dialect still going.  In prison.  Will escape to internet acksess soon.  Eckspect Dialect resume in July.  Until then, friends, dream these books:

Hippocrene Navajo-English Dictionary by Leon Wall & William Morgan – No Eng. to Nav. tho. Damn!

Western Apache – English Dictionary: Community Generated by Dorothy Bray & White Mtn Apache Tribe – Total score.

Libera Ekflugo by Sylla Chaves – Easy Esperanto stories smuggled into hoosegow by Dialect partisan.

Spoken Chamorro by D. M. Topping with P. M. Ogo – Dangerous. Full grammar.

Candle running out.  Until next time, Comrades.

The Dialect



  1. Brad said,

    November 1, 2010 at 5:57 pm


    For when you are spirited back to your blog.

  2. thedialect said,

    November 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm


    Great find!! Too cool. I’ve never heard of any of these languages so for someone like me, an article like this is a gem within a gem within a gem.


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