New York’s Language Ark

Below is an article from the New York Times found and suggested by Brad B., a pre-eminent language expert and a Dialect regular.



Listening to (and Saving) the World’s Languages

by Sam Roberts – published April 28, 2010

Valnea Smilovic, 59, left, with her mother, 92, in Queens.
They still speak Vlashki, a language spoken by the Istrians.
photo by James Estrin

The chances of overhearing a conversation in Vlashki, a variant of Istro-Romanian, are greater in Queens than in the remote mountain villages in Croatia that immigrants now living in New York left years ago.

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Last Speaker of Bo Language Dies

Boa Sr was the last of the Bo, a tribe on the Andaman Islands which has been slowly dying out as a result of contact with the outside world

How do you comprehend that 150 years of British colonization can undo and destroy 65,000 years of Indigenous habitation and culture? 

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