Word of the Week: Chikan 痴漢

Unverified Nihongo (Japanese) words.  Below are a couple of useful gems for our modern world.

bokokugo – 母国語- mother tongue; native language

chikan – 痴漢 – sexual pervert [Most notably, the Purvis McGurvis who touches girls on a packed commuter train.  Above is an example of the disturbing (and hilarious) signs inside the train cars warning of these creatures.   Although, my book says few people will stand up for the girl, if one were to do so, one could say, “Kono sukebe!” (You freak! said by females) and “Kono Hentai!” (You pervert! said by male and female alike)]

gokuhin (no) – 極貧の – destitute; extreme poverty or hinkon  – 貧困 – poverty

hoshi uranai – 星占い – astrology; hoshi – 星 is star; while uranai – 占い –  is fortune-telling

shitsugyō – 失業 – unemployment

terebi – テレビ –  television (katakana for ‘televi’)


Taken from:

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