Dialect Disclaimers

Several Words of Note ought here be said as Reminders or Disclaimers:

  1. The Dialect reserves the right to be perfectly thrilled with something that it finds ‘exotic’ (ie: new and different and awesome).  Apologies ahead of time to those whose common words and phrases are here regarded as ‘neat’.
  2. The Dialect is run by a brilliant, yet untrained, wage slave.  Most of the content will be quite prosaic and like “duh” if you are already a for-real linguist.  If, however, you are a commoner, a pleb, like the editor, much of this stuff is going to kick ass.
  3. The Dialect does its best to site sources regularly but often relies on ‘folk wisdom’ to get the job done.  Also, due to the post-work exhaustion of its editor, The Dialect will often only scratch the surface of a topic where, with the proper time and financial resources, whole volumes could be and often has been written on the subject.
  4. The Dialect is an English language website that attempts, often, to explore other languages without a working knowledge of many of said languages.  This is a tricky task and therefore The Dialect asks politely for generosity, gnarly contributions, and helpful corrections from its readers rather than vitriol and wrath.
  5.  The Dialect, with the help of its loyal readers, will gradually become a first class multi-lingual website with something for everyone who loves languages and a bit of fun in many tongues.  In the meantime, small snippets of stuff in other languages will be rather clunky. This will all be good practice, and like speaking a new language, must be undertaken fearlessly.
  6. The Dialect is a tool of positive social change.  Despite its seeming naïveté and often blatant exoticism (see Note No. 1 above), The Dialect is a weapon against the old order of racism, “purity”, and other xenophobic fantasies.  Following from this, if you find anything here in The Dialect to be offensive, insensitive, or racist, please let the editor know and it will be addressed as soon and as best as possible.
  7. What’s going to make The Dialect truly fun and educational is the contributions and comments of its readers.  Please share what you know and we’ll all learn together!
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