Dialect forced into Exile

Dear Loyal Dialect Readers,

This note was smuggled into the country and is reprinted here at great potential risk.  From information that we have gathered, the note was written clandestinely and while in custody of the authorities.  It is clear that the writer did not have access to Spellcheck or a thesaurus and from this we infer that the writer was in grave danger.  By a turn of fortune, we do have confirmation that the writer has been spirited to relative safety and is now being habored by local Dialect online blog followers near the beach on an undisclosed, inexpensive, semi-tropical island.  

Be well and stay informed,

Dialect Support Committee

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Dialect Empire Announces New Acquisitions

After months of behind-the-scenes arm twisting and agonizing negotiation, a series of decisive moves made on the part of The Dialect has brought nearly a dozen new acquisitions under their sole proprietorship.  Nervous insiders describe the transferred materials as “a frightening  arsenal of linguistic technology.”  While official statements from the now-infamous online language website blog dismiss these moves as ‘utilitarian’ and ‘inconsequential’, there is reason to believe that unilateral domination of the language world remains the covert objective.

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The Dialect on Sabatical until January 2010

Asleep at the Wheel by Aaron Jacobs.

The Dialect has been very busy amassing an impressive collection of language dictionaries, instruction books, computer programs, CDs, and miniature comic books. While intently focussed on assembling this arsenal, The Dialect will be on sabatical until January 2010. Until then, dream on these cool new Dialect aquisitions:

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