4.5.10 Dialect Crimethink Doubleplus Dangerful




I just got finished re-reading one of my most formative books, George Orwell’s 1984.  I wanted to go back and re-read it after having started The Dialect in order to discuss ‘Newspeak.’  In this classic dystopian novel, Orwell invents ‘Newspeak’, a regressive language introduced by the Party to prevent resistance by restricting thought. 

1984’s social vision and historical prediction resonates with those who distrust government and fear a future of repression.  Sadly, though, its easy to find 1984 fans upon whom Orwell’s powerful message is utterly lost.  

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All Power to the Meaningless

V. I. Lenin, chairman of the Council of Workers' and Peasants' Defence.           1919.

“All power to the Workers Councils,” proclaimed the Bolsheviks as they built support for an insurrection against the Kerensky Provisional Government in Russia.  “All power to the Soviets,” it ran.  The Soviets were the workers’ councils that sprang up in cities and factories all over Russia in 1917.  The Bolshevik Party used this slogan in an attempt to unite the various revolutionary forces under the Party’s banner.  Unfortunately for the workers involved in said councils, it was a hollow slogan.  After the Bolsheviks took over and consolidated political power under the Party, they proceeded to take all the power away from these soviets, thus making the slogan, at that time, rather meaningless. 

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