Toboggan or not Toboggan…

Word Fun: Issue No. 2

You organize a yard sale for some friends in the neighborhood.  Saturday rolls around and a couple of your neighbors bring their stuff to sell.  Missy brings her things by and arranges it on the table.  Hubert, another neighbor, reads Missy’s sign saying “Hair Dillies – 50¢ each.”
“Huh?” Hubert says with furrowed brow, followed by a shrug.  He puts his item on the table next to the hair dillies and scrawls out a sign saying “Toboggan – $2”.  A bit later, your other neighbor, Nancy, comes over and gives Hubert’s sign a look of incredulity.  She crosses out Hubert’s sign with a large black marker and writes, “Tuke – $2”.

In this scenario, what is a toboggan, a tuke, and a hair dilly?  Extra credit if you can guess approximately where these neighbors of yours are from.